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Can I bring my children with me?

Yes, children up to age 15 can stay in the shelter.

How long can I stay at the shelter?

In most cases, women (and their children) may remain in the shelter for up to 5 weeks.  Yet each woman’s situation is unique.  Case management meetings are held twice a month and at that time the program team discusses each woman in the shelters self-identified priorities.  Should a woman request an extension, the situation is evaluated by the program team, with consideration given to providing continued support and safety to a woman (and her children).

Is there a cost to stay at the shelter?


My partner doesn't hit me, I just get called names. Is that abuse?

There are 7 different types of abuse, and name calling falls under emotional and verbal abuse.  You don't have to be "hit" to experience abuse.

What if my children are over the age of 15?

Males over the age of 15 are not permitted on shelter property.  Females over the age of 15 can stay at the shelter provided they complete an individual intake process separate from you.

What should I bring with me when I leave?
  • Money and keys
  • Medication that you or the children might need
  • All identification including birth certificates, health cards, passports, immigration papers, social insurace card, drivers licence and credit/bank cards
  • Any court doccuments (either family law, previous peace bonds or criminal matters)
  • Other documents such as the deed for the house, an apartment lease, bond certificates, social assistance cheque stubs, and marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Favourite toys/blanket/sleep aid  that the children may want
  • Some cloths for a few days for you and the children