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Get The Support You Need to Move Forward in Your New Surroundings

Everyone needs some help when they are moving, and starting over.  We offer it to teens when they go off to post secondary, or young adults when they get their first apartment, and even when people purchase their first home.  All these major events come with a bit of help.  Here is the program for you to help others who may not have the same type of support that you had but are Moving Forward in a major life event.               


The Moving Forward Program is a flexible and special outreach service that My Sister's Place offers to women who have utilized our services in the last 2 years.  We will provide specific support relating to relocation within the communities we serve and start-up in the new home.  It is a way for women who are making a fresh start to receive a hand up into their future.



  • All support is provided on a one time basis and is adaptable to meet each women's requirements. 

  • We provide support for rental deposits, utility deposits, Welcome Home cleaning kits, furniture, household small appliances, household items, grocery gift cards 

  • The program operates solely on donations from the community.

  • We are currently seeking business partnerships to enhance the program further.

  • We accept gift cards to household/home stores as well as Grocery Stores and Pharmacies

  • Any unused/claimed donations will be utilized within our Emergency Shelter & Housing program

You can make a monthly donation to the program by

Sponsoring A Move Forward


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