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Group Volunteering

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Have You Ever Thought of Participating in

Group or Corporate Volunteering?

What is Group/Corporate Volunteering?

Group/Corporate Volunteering is a group of people engaging in a volunteer activity together.  It can involve a project or event with a set time frame or it could be an ongoing commitment.  Whatever the time line, Group/Corporate Volunteering is a way that your can give back to your community while spending time with Family, Friends, Colleagues, Teammates or even acquaintances.

What are the benefits of Group/Corporate Volunteering?

  • Supports services in the community where there is a need for volunteers
  • Allows you to spend time with your friends or family while giving back to your community
  • It can build and strengthen co-worker relationships outside of the work environment
  • Often only a minimal time commitment such as a one day event or a yearly event.
  • Great experience and excellent networking opportunity
  • Excellent for business morale 


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