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Local Retailer Wraps Their Store In Courage

clothz alliston fundraiser for My sister's Place women and children's shelter Clothz Alliston has chosen to share their support for the prevention of violence against women during the month of November in their retail store.  They have teamed up with My Sister's Place, the local women and children's shelter, to take part in the Wrapped In Courage Campaign.  This campaign is a fundraiser for My Sister's Place and other shelters across Ontario.  Purple scarves are sold and the proceeds benefit the women and children's shelters.  Clothz Alliston, sold the scarves in their store on behalf of My Sister's Place along with couage bracelets that the shelter also commissioned as an add on to support women in business.  Carleigh Maloney, Clothz's owner felt very strongly about also hosting a fundraiser on November 17th that would aid the shelter in collecting much needed donations.  

The "My Sister's Place Night" was a success for the store owner and patrons not only donated new essential items to My Sister's Place but received 25% off of their in store purchases.    A donation of goods, $1500 worth of Clothz merchandise and a $70 monetary donation was gifted to Jenn Cloutier-Jury, shelter representative.  My Sister's Place was so very grateful for the donations, the community support and the help with their awareness campaign.  This show of solidarity comes at the perfect time as the gift giving season is underway.